Crown Vac-Tank [Model CVT-110]

Sourced from original 2013 Kenworth T880 - Bumper, PTO, and Pump included, and Chassis also available for purchase.

Factory Spec Sheet:

• 110 BBL (4,620 Gallons).
• 78” Diameter.
• 1/4” ASTM-A-36 Steel Shell.
• 5/16” ASTM-A-36 Steel Domed Bulkheads.
• (3) ASTM-A36 Steel Internal Baffles.

Tank Longitudinals
• 1/4” ASTM-A-36 Steel, Full Length of Tank.
• Modified U Shape with Rubber Perma Slats.

Aluminum Hose Trays
• Full Length.

Vacuum Pump
• Massport HXL400

Secondary Shut Off
• Chassis Mounted, Ground Level Serviceable.

• Aluminum Steps, Left Side with Non-Slip Rungs, and Handrail.

4” Ports
• (2) At Rear Bulkhead with Brass Valves.
• Electric Heated.

25” Manways
• Top Front and Rear Bulkhead.

Level Indicator
• All Stainless Steel - Arrow, Float Type.

(2) Rear Hose Hooks

Clip Guard - On Tank
• Above and Below Hose Trays.

Gas Field Bumper
• Extra Heavy Duty - With 80,000 lb. Tow Flap,

Tool Boxes, Built-In Steps, and Coated with Non-Slip Chip Guard.

REF# 6428-KVT2